If You're An Assistant General Manager Or Would Like To Be, Then We'd Love To Talk To You About Coming To Work At Our Rapidly Growing Physical Therapy Clinic
  • Are you able to effectively and confidently communicate with people on the phone?
  • Are you able to confidently overcome objections to help people make better health decisions?
  • ​Are you able to have positive conversations involving money and payment?
  • ​Do you place heavy value on your own health and fitness?
  • ​Do you find yourself constantly excited to learn and challenge yourself?
  • ​Do you pay significant attention to being organized in your professional and personal life?
  • ​Are you able to effectively manage your own schedule by prioritizing key tasks?
  • ​Are you the type of person who excels in the face of adversity?
  • ​Are you able to calmly and constructively navigate through situations involving conflict?
  • ​Are you able to think critically and challenge the status quo?
If you said YES to those questions, we’ve got a great opportunity for you.
We are Adapt Performance And Rehab.

We help athletes and active adults improve fitness and sports performance, end pain and get back to doing what they love.

We are a physical therapy and fitness company in Lawrence Township that is experiencing rapid growth. We’re rapidly growing our team to support the growing demand for what we do.

Ask anyone in town and you’ll soon discover, we have an incredible reputation in the community, and have an abundance of great people ready and waiting for you to serve to the best of your ability.

We believe whole heartedly in education and provide an immense amount of training, teaching, and coaching. You’ll work with a diverse team; every person shares the same passion for health and wellness as you do.

Demand for this role is always high, and we invite you to apply if you feel confident and able to achieve the tasks and responsibilities listed below.

We know that real "A Players" love to be held accountable for high standards of performance, which means you’ll be given your own key objectives and outcomes. When these are consistently met, you’ll experience substantial benefits and privileges.  
Here are the main tasks you would be responsible for executing:

  • Communicate the value of our services in person and on the phone, and be able to explain how what we do is worth the price we are asking 
  • Effectively position what we do as a solution
  • ​Filter through all of Adapt’s leads
  • ​Find those who have problems we can solve
  • ​Find those who have the desire to have their problems solved
  • ​Successfully frame those leads towards their desired outcome, beginning with the first phone call
  • ​Effectively hold a 15 minute first phone call conversation, ensuring leads are bought into our service and the value it provides
  • ​Understand their problems and objections
  • ​Successfully handle price objections
  • ​Effectively understand when a lead is ready for a consultation 
  • ​Ensure leads are properly placed on schedule and understand the true time and cost commitment for our services before they arrive
  • ​Provide an exceptional experience for our clients, one that they will look forward to coming back to
  • ​Bonus Tasks:
The Right Candidate
Sales experience in this exact role is not required. However, the skills needed to confidently identify customer objections, constructively carry out difficult conversations, and guide better health decisions are required.
  •   Has a passion for and understands sales psychology -
  • ​ Previous track record of successfully selling items that people don’t expect to pay a higher price tag for
  • ​ Must be comfortable connecting with people over the phone
  • ​ Must be comfortable with confronting objections and guiding positive conversations
Our Team
Dr. Payal Patel
Co-Founder, Director of Physical Therapy
Cody Plofker
Co-founder, director of Performance Training
Cassie Stevens
Performance COach
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